During a steaming-hot day on my last trip to New York, I ducked into a Sephora (as you do) and ended up browsing the perfume section. A collection of minimal bottles with sleek and simply-put explanations of each scent caught my eye. They reminded me somewhat of apothecary bottles but with a modern twist and when you’ve been sifting through scent after scent for half an hour, the idea of just knowing what memory or place a scent is meant to remind you of was intriguing and refreshing.


The one which I first fell for was ‘Beach walk‘ – I am a sucker for summery scents and this fragrance encapsulates the season boasting a delicious cocktail of musk, citrus and then more balancing notes such as ylang ylang along with coconut milk, it might be my favourite out of them all.
However as soon as I got back to the UK I knew I wanted to know more about the whole range and to hunt them down on this side of the pond.

The ethos and idea behind the REPLICA creations is that they are meant to reflect Maison Margeiela’s hand-picked & particular functional and emotive pieces (garments and accessories) and since 2012 they expanded this concept in the form of fragrance.
Each carefully curated scent is mixed to evoke and reflect a certain personal memory or emotion and each fragrance reflects a particular place and a year (e.g Flower Market is Paris, 2011).


The collection hosts a combination of womens, mens and unisex fragrance, I personally love Jazz Club even though it is tailored more for men but there are no strict rules here – If you are moved by a fragrance, whatever it might be, just go with it.
Other favourites are ‘Tea Escape‘ (Tokyo, 2008) ‘The light silk of a blouse. Some tatami mats. A veil of steam. The clinking of a Japanese tea service’
Lazy sunday morning ‘ Evokes the memory of a Sunday spring morning in white bed linen, with a view over the Boboli Gardens.’

Two newer scents are ‘Lipstick On‘ and ‘By the fireplace‘ which I think are brilliant additions, at first sniff, Lipstick on (Which is inspired by the iconic reference of femininity) reminded me instantly of the classic vintage lipstick taste/smell (Not that I eat them but sometimes you just end up tasting it on your lips) which I wasn’t sure if i’d like on my skin but it warmed up after a few minutes and The deeper notes of Bourbon vanilla and tonka bean absolute came through.
By the fireplace is their unisex fragrance and I find it very intoxicating, it’s one of those scents that you keep going back to again and again to try to work out. It is warm & sweet, but also dark & smoky, describing itself as burning wood and chestnut. I would wear this when I am feeling quite sensual but also playful, to reflect the sweetness.

As someone who has always been captivated by perfume, the power of scent and the art which goes into mixing notes and with that, emotion – I adore the concept behind REPLICA and would highly recommend going to have a sniff whenever you can – They are sold in Selfridges in London and I believe House of Fraiser, but you can also find them online.

Do you have a favourite?

S x