BAG – Play No More
New in is my playful, bright and characteristic ‘Play No More – SHYGIRL’ bag, 
I was browsing Fenwick on Bond St, saw this and didn’t purchase it the first time. Not being an impulse bag buyer usually as they are big purchases so for me I feel like I have to be totally 100% decided on one before taking the plunge. 
I got home the night after browsing the shop and just couldn’t get it out of my head! For a few days even…then I eventually went back, tried it on, tried the different colours too and then settled on the white one (The pink is also super cute).
Play No More is a Korean brand and I am so glad it is stocked in London as I hadn’t heard of it online before and am glad I randomly stumbled across it. 
The bag itself is vegan friendly which is a good plus and it is such a perfect size, I can fit everything i’d want and need for the day inside it and it’s very well structured. 
The only con to the bag is that to open and close it can be a pain if you want to use the little lock on the front each time – sometimes when i’m shopping I just leave the lock inside the bag.
Other than that – I am SO happy with this mid-range purchase and the bright, lightheartedness of this bag makes me feel more carefree and experimental with my style. 
It works with a more expressionate outfit and also a minimal one.
Do you have one? What do you think of it?
Sammi x