S H O P  T H E   L O O K


I decided to talk Jason into going on a bit of a ‘Babymoon’ – A little relaxing holiday for us as a couple before the baby arrives.
I am 19 weeks pregnant at the moment so still quite a way to go but as it’s summer and we didn’t have any get-aways planned, I thought a week in Greece would be lovely for us before all the stress of getting together the baby’s nursery and planning for the birth etc!

We had been to Santorini a few months before and I had been to Mykonos once before while on a cruise but I hardly remembered it and wanted to return to experience it properly.

There was a little beach on the resort we were staying at and I wanted to explore it straight away (obvs).
The sea in Greece is just always unbelievably beautiful and it actually shines like diamonds (It’s cheesy but true) Being near the sea is one of my favourite things in the world.

As my belly is growing alot at the moment it was difficult for me to find a swimsuit or bikini that I felt comfortable in and I did have some moments of despair by the pool on some days! But this swimsuit worked really well for me – It’s not maternity but still gave me enough room and was surprisingly comfy too.

Sammi xx

 Photography – Jason Davis