I am very much into trenches at the moment, this is one i’ve had for a little while from Zara but I am seriously eyeing the newer style of trench with the tied sleeves and thick waist belt details recently! I’m going to link some of my favourite trench coat spots just to share the love!

I also love the layered look with shirting…and just shirts in general, especially ones with ruffles.

This jumper/shirt combo is from Zara too and is such a quick and easy way to make it look like you’ve put more thought into your outfit when you definitely haven’t


Maybe here I can just write a little something about my style recently.

To me, style is something that can be forever changing and evolving, it is something to have fun with and a way in which you can capture your loves and interests at certain points in your life through trends, shapes, cuts, colours and prints.

I will always have my staple items too, things that I always go back to and which I’ll wear again and again and mix with the newer and older pieces in my wardrobe. Sometimes though I love to just have fun with fashion, it shouldn’t be taken so seriously!

Alot of the time of course it might not look great to someone else – but i’m not dressing for other people, i’m dressing for myself.

I am especially excited at the moment to be able to wear anything I want again after being pregnant and being limited for months and months, something that I struggled with! So having freedom with style again is something which is currently making me very happy and I feel like I can spread my wings a little, as it were.

I just wanted to say a little piece about why I like to step outside my comfort zone sometimes, because when you’re online, people take delight in beating you down sometimes if you are slightly out of the norm or are doing something different.

To those people I just want to say – Stop taking life so damn seriously!

Sammi x