My lust list

UNIF Hellraiser flats
 H&M Faux fur collar 
Blue creepers 
UNIF watercolour cutout blouse 
Michael Kors gold watch 
Topshop Heavy full skirt 

 These are some of the things i'm REALLY lusting over at the moment! 
 Some of them are unrealistic but hey a girl can dream! lol *cough* michael Kors watch 
I've wanted to do one of these posts for a while, hope its fun to look at if anything! ^_^ 

 Sammi xoxo


 Ms. Allee said...

Oooeh, I want a Moschino belt & Michael Kors watch too!*
I'll join the dreaming =)


Anney said...

wow those flats are sweet!

JennyferLouB said...

I love all these lusts I want the belt and fur collar most. The shoes at the top look abit dangerous! Haha :) xxx

Ann-Kathrin said...

love the both pairs of shoes! and the blouse is soo sweet :)

PennyLaneLover said...

Oh myyy god! Those flats are heaven! x

Célia said...

I want a MOSCHINO belt since I saw Dulce Candy wearing one. It just makes your whole outfit.

Mannequins Dream said...

that multi coloured shirt is soo cute! :D Xx

me+moustaches! said...

I have that skirt! :) I wear it all the time! If I saw those shoes in a shop I would think of you :) River Island have some Hot Pink Creepers that I love but I don't think I could get away with :D Love these posts, please do more :)

Krissy ~ said...
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Krissy ~ said...

absolutely love everything! I adore those stud loafers and the H&M faux fur collar! They had that in stock last year but i was unable to get my hands on it! Must have it this year round!
Beautiful picks Sammie! ^^
Krissy xoxo

darcel_nicome said...

have you looked at the brand fossil they make MK waatches and they always have similar styles for have the price...check this one out

Sophia said...

Love the blue creepers and studded flats! And this blouse is so unique, looove it <3


hannahlucyxoxo said...

Definitely fun to look at! Love these kind of posts. I die at the Michael Kors watch! Want a gold chunky watch so badly xx

darcel_nicome said...

sam edelman has some similear shoes at karmaloop and you can get them for 20% off so about 120 cus there usually 150usd

Chiara said...

ohhh., i want that belt too :) the blouse,

in short, i like everything :)

Elaine Diskin said...

OMG those blue creepers are so cool!! I'd love to see you get those! :D

Kathrin said...

I really like/want the Moschino Belt, the gold watch and the topshop skirt ! <3

Sia said...

Love the watch! XOXO

FlirtingwithFashion said...

very beautiful things! I'm wanting such a michael kors watch for so long... but they're so expensive >.<

xoxo said...

Want that belt for really long time <3

ThemuseViola said...

I'm currently imagining about a million different tops I'd put with that skirt. I love pieces that remain forever versatile and timeless... who doesn't? =)

J. Choudhury said...

I love the Hellraiser flats, I am dying to get a pair. The topshop full skirt is lovely, It is simple and can be diverse with many looks. I would love for you to look at my blog, maybe even follow it. I have many interesting fashion posts, you might love.

J.Choudhury x

chicfashionmix said...

nice i go to this site called polyvore put a bunch of outfits that i can't afford its fun to have a dream list lolproodio

Faye said...

Hey Sammi, I did a similar post on my blog to this yesterday too! If you'd like to take a look it's
I featured the MAC Dark Side lipstick that you have to my wish list, it's so nice! xxx

Nicola said...

I think your lust list is now mine! Love everything here :) xx

Arabella said...

I am obsessed with those belts.. I swear so many people seem to have them and when I ask where they found it they say 'It's vintage, a charity shop find' ...WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE SHOP? gimme gimme gimme.

Ashleigh said...

Love the creepers & the studded shoes! Might have to check them out ;) i checked out that santornialist photographer, defintely something I'm going reference :)! Thank you! p.s h&m do a similar skirt to that Topshop one for just £15 I think. I bought it a few weeks ago, saves ya some dollar! xx

Channing said...

OMG those flats! I love them. I've been wanting a Moschino belt for years ever since I saw Dulce Candy. Ebay has them for decent prices.


- said...
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- said...
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- said...

Love those blue shoes


zhanayakayy said...

well that shirt is from in the US the watch is pretty affordable...maybe we could do a trade lol. cool cheap stuff from the UK and i'll get you the watch lol :)

Abigail Hanley said...

This has given me a great idea for a blog post! you never fail to inspire me! Thankyou so much
come check my blog out xxxxxx

sophie said...

the moschino belt<3


Sophie ox

ANNIE said...

I fell in love with the michael kors watch the first time I saw it, and now it seems to be haunting me :(

The hellraiser flats definitely suit you though!


Holly said...

i love those creepers! you've got amazing style
i'm a new blogger check me out :) xxx

peachesandnothing said...

I love the fur collar. No one will be standing on your feet with those shoes on.. x

Cylia said...

lovely collage girl:) and the classic faux fur scarf that's my fav. Best purchase ever.

mo0n said...

sammy deary, u try to get thing inspired by dulce candy are you? :p

Ophelia said...

The flats are great!

Scarlett London said...

Love this! Your writing style is fab, and I'm definitely going to be checking your blog regularly :)
If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my blog and let me know what you think xxx

S4SisterStyle said...

hi!nice blog!follow us if you like our blog and we will follow you too!

Kimberly said...

love everything on this list! those studded loafers are amazing!

Shugurr said...

those flats are deadly! haha.

Keeks said...

the faux fur collar is great, I just have no idea how to style that for everyday without looking tooo over the top!

Erica said...

I have been looking for a belt like that on ebay but I am not sure of my waist measurements. Have to measure myself! lol

Skrømt said...

Love your lust list :D spesically the flats ^^

Giuly said...

I love it *________*

HauteMangoGirl said...

the blouse is hot ♥


Good Wear Day said...

I lovelovelove the Topshop skirt, it literally goes with anything...but a box-jacket would look especially gorgeous with it!

Your blog is one of my all time favourite reads!

Good Wear day

TJ said...

UNIFs inspired loafers r in hk too, and they r like 10 pounds, how much r they in the uk?

Becky said...

i adore that watch!!!! just lettin you know you made my top blog list xxx


Suzanne said...

With you on this lust list! But then again, who wouldn't be!?


stylemailbox said...

such a lovely blouse!

come visit me!

nadja said...

sammy, I love your style it's amazing. you are such an inspiration for me.. now I've got a question. i'm in london since 1 month and i want to get a tattoo, do you know a reliable and cheap studio? :)

Daria said...

love the belt! :)

please visit my blog! :)

Barus said...

moschino belt is amazing !!!

Anna said...

I want that watch xx

Trini In The City said...

Hi there! Can you please do a post on how you would style fur collars please?

becky. said...

THOSE FLATS oh my god i could die for them! that watercolour blouse is stunning too, ah i totally know what's going on my lush list!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Great post. I really like your blog.^^

my blog♥mfashionfreak

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Chloe said...

Those flats = heaven. I love your blog, check it all the time!

Have a look at mine if you have the time!!

Chloe :)

Harpreet said...

I was in Goldsmiths yesterday and they had an amazing selection of Michael Kors watches, I want every single one for my birthday!!

Please check my blog out, I have various posts on my eastern and western jewellery pieces, as well as a look at makeup, :)

mayleyla said...

Omgg I have been lusting for MOSCHINO Belt for ages!
I love your style Sammi, I watch your videos and read your blog all the time..keep up the great work :)

Keeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amym22 said...

I have just started up my own blog and this is really simalar to my october lusts post :) cud you please take a look at mine and comment if you like it :) love ur blog and youtube!! uve amazing style!! :)

Polished said...

those flats should be easy to dupe...all you need are some size 13 spikes. I recently got some and redid a pair of pumps. Try Not sure if they ship internationally.

PS. I love Michael Kors watches. I just bought another one. They're definitely worth saving for


Helin said...

I need this moschino belt tooooo!

I love it, i have to buy it myself for christmas I guess :D

would love to read your comment below one of my posts:)


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